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Oakland, CA punk/metal/rock and roll outfit Dopesick is a fresh name for many, but the band’s history is an extensive and harrowing tale. There is no way to tell the story of Dopesick without telling the story of lead guitarist and main songwriter, Adam Albright. Through it’s many evolutions, Albright has been the one constant since founding the band in 1997. Originally a member of Bay Area post‐thrash band, Skinlab, Albright was hindered from early touring with the band because of a prison sentence. In prison, he heard the term “dope sick” from a cellmate, and was inspired to make this the name for his next project.

After being released from prison and a brief reunion with Skinlab, including a tour with Stuck Mojo and (hed) p.e., Adam Albright decided to launch Dopesick as his main band. Along with vocalist Marcus Payton, Dopesick cut their teeth for several years by gigging relentlessly in the Bay Area metal scene culminating with the release of the Vendetta EP in 2002, which was produced by Skinlab’s Scott Sargeant. With life ironically being a little too true the band name, there were issues with substance abuse and personal conflicts between Adam Albright and Marcus Payton. Dopesick went on an extended hiatus following the release of the Vendetta EP.

Fortunately for Albright, he received a call from ex‐Skid Row frontman, Sebastian Bach, to join his solo band. Albright spent the next few years touring with Sebastian Bach, as well as penning the title track for Bach’s 3rd solo album, Angel Down (2007).

With the troubles of the past behind him and a new lease on life, Adam Albright and Dopesick have returned triumphantly with a new album due in 2016 entitled The Love and Terror Cult. Produced by Patrick Burkholder at Pawnshop Studio in Van Nuys, CA, with drums tracked by Aaron Rossi (Ministry, Prong) and bass contributions by Mandi Martyr (Ministry), The Love and Terror Cult looks to be one of the surefire, standout albums of the year. The album’s explosive lead single and video “Ride the Night” features guest vocalist Jahred Gomez of (hed) p.e. fame. The story of Dopesick is a story of long‐sought redemption, and 2016 looks to be the year that the tide fully turns.

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